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$25.00 monthly

Charged annually at $300.00.

Easily synchronize WooCommerce users, customers, companies, products, orders, invoices, deals and credit notes with Teamleader Focus.

  • Up to 3 domains per license
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  • Adjustments possible to suit your company
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Discover what Teamleader for WooCommerce can do for you. Do you need additional functionality or custom adjustments? Request a quote or contact us.

Link WooCommerce tax rates to Teamleader


For each WooCommerce tax rate, choose a tax rate and a product category/general ledger account in Teamleader.

Create deals for each order


Determine whether a deal should be created for each order and whether this should be done automatically or manually.

Link WooCommerce fields or custom fields to Teamleader Deals


Do you have a number of custom fields in your Teamleader deals that you would like to fill in automatically with every order? Link each custom deal field to a WooCommerce / custom field.

Automatic synchronization of WooCommerce customers

WooCommerce guest users and users with the role ‘customer’ are automatically synchronized to Teamleader with every order or when their data changes (registration, user profile changes, changes made by the customer, etc.). Contacts and companies are automatically distinguished from each other.

Supports local tax rates

A built-in check ensures that you do not forget to create the tax rates you use in WooCommerce in Teamleader. You will automatically receive a notification of missing tax rates.

Teamleader departments & invoice templates

Select a standard Teamleader department and a Teamleader invoice template per language you use in the website.

Give tags to contacts and companies

Set default tags to be assigned to contacts and companies when syncing them to Teamleader.

Link WooCommerce fields or custom fields to Teamleader

Choose which fields the plugin should use to send data to Teamleader. These can be either the standard WooCommerce fields or fields that you have set yourself or using another integration. Non-standard fields, such as a VAT number, IBAN, BIC, are also supported.

Teamleader product & shipping categories

Determine which Teamleader categories (general ledger accounts) should be assigned to products or costs for shipping.

Synchronization of products and inventory

Determine for both the products and the stock whether you want to automatically synchronize them from WooCommerce with Teamleader. If active, the product information and stock in Teamleader will be updated when you update a product or an order is placed. Products are also linked to the item lines of the Teamleader invoices, which can be of great added value for analyses.

Choice to synchronize invoices and credit notes or not

Choose whether you want to use Teamleader for WooCommerce to create invoices and credit notes in Teamleader. You can disable this if you only want to synchronize contacts and companies. You can also choose at which point in the ordering process invoices should be created.

Manual or automatic synchronization of invoices

Determine whether you want to automatically create invoices in Teamleader for every order (paid or not) or if you prefer to synchronize them manually from the order overview in WooCommerce. Credit notes are automatically created with each refund.

Invoice templates per language

Teamleader for WooCommerce automatically detects which languages your WooCommerce webshop uses and ensures that you can select a Teamleader invoice template per language.

2 way sync for deleted invoices and credit notes

If invoices or credit notes are deleted in Teamleader, Teamleader for WooCommerce also ensures that they are also removed from the related WooCommerce order.

Automatically booking invoices and registering payments

Invoices created by the plugin in Teamleader are automatically booked and, when applicable, also marked as paid. This way your open customers always stay up to date.

Automatic emailing of invoices and credit notes

Determine whether and in which WooCommerce emails invoices and credit notes are sent to the customer. You can also choose to receive a copy of the invoices by email. Invoices are sent by default in the standard WooCommerce ‘invoice / order details’ email.

Make invoices and credit notes downloadable for customers

Determine whether customers can download invoices and credit notes in the order overview of their WooCommerce account zone.

Consult invoices and credit notes from the order overview

Consult Teamleader invoices and credit notes from the order overview in WooCommerce.

Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Teamleader for WooCommerce is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. Every recurring payment (order) is also sent to Teamleader.

Multilingual functionality (WPML, Polylang & Weglot)

If you use WPML, Polylang or Weglot, the languages used are recognized and included in the plugin settings. Determine a standard language for products, contacts and companies yourself or have it determined automatically.

Plugin admin available in NL, EN, FR, DE, ES, IT & PT

Teamleader for WooCommerce is available in the management languages English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Real-time synchronization

All synchronization between your WooCommerce webshop and your Teamleader account happens immediately.

Up to 3 domains per license

Do you have multiple web shops? You only need to purchase the plugin once if you want to link 3 or fewer domains with Teamleader.

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Need customization?

All our WooCommerce plugins can be adjusted to the needs of your webshop. Request a free quote.


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    “I was looking for someone who could make WooCommerce and Teamleader work in harmony after struggling with other APIs. With Laurens this has been successful, so now everything runs automatically and I literally save several hours a day, automatic orders, invoices, reconciliation of invoices, .. both B2B and B2C. Beautiful work!”
    Cas C. | Pro Sales Care BV / YDOLO - 03/01/2024