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lsDevign is a web development agency in Lichtervelde, Belgium that specializes in custom WordPress & Woocommerce websites and webshops. Fully custom designed, fully customizable programmed.

Websites, webshops &
plugins to your liking

lsDevign is not just a website builder, quite the contrary. Today, websites & shops are often thrown online unfinished, user-friendliness on mobile devices is forgotten and the customer is not listened to enough.

This must be done differently, this must be done better. lsDevign builds complete WordPress & Woocommerce websites and webshops. Fully custom designed, fully customizable by you. We work thoroughly, safely & pixel perfect.

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Made to measure =
fully adjustable

lsDevign works with the globally supported back end (admin zone) of WordPress, and by extension Woocommerce. We fully set up this system and program it to the needs of our customers. That way you only see what you need and you can easily make changes.

Our websites and webshops are fully customizable. You get full access to your website, with which you can change everything anytime and anywhere. This ranges from texts to icons, links, composition and images. All without breaking the layout.

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We stand out in design, speed, SEO & usability

We ensure that your website works quickly and securely on all devices, screens and most commonly used browsers. That way you certainly won’t miss out on visitors!

Our collaboration with the recognized hosting supplier Combell also guarantees the capacity, security, accessibility and support that our projects and our customers need. In addition, we take all necessary measures ourselves to keep your website up-to-date, online and secure.

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Our customers love
our work!

Our customers are our priority! After all, you give us the responsibility for the first online contact with your company. Also, no one knows your product or service better than you. That is why every good collaboration starts with listening to your wishes and experience.

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Super satisfied with the collaboration with Laurens. He helps to find the necessary solutions and is completely in line with the style and feeling of our website and organization. Everything is clearly explained to us so that we can quickly get started with our website and webshop. It is unbelievable what work he has accomplished in such a short period of time. Thank you very much!


| Founder Boven De Wolken

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I am very satisfied with the online store. I could always contact you for questions and adjustments that were always resolved quickly. Great collaboration, I would recommend everyone to work with lsDevign.

Melissa Troch

| Business owner Freule

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Laurens is great at what he does, we consciously name Laurens and not Lsdevign because he is a person who listens to all wishes, is always available, thinks along with you, but above all thinks ahead, … He has converted our idea into something tangible and all that with a smile.
We have a webshop with a lot of technical difficulties, but everything is super clear and what doesn’t work the way you want it, it immediately adjusts. Really more than recommended and 5 stars is actually far too little.

Kevin Boriau

| Business owner Rescue Pet Shop

No hidden fees, no unnecessary contracts

At lsDevign, what you pay for is really yours. Of course we provide the necessary technical matters such as web hosting, domain names, etc. But your website, webshop or domain name remains your property in any case.

Nothing stands in the way of keeping your website under your own management or changing supplier. lsDevign only reserves the right to manage your site by means of a maintenance contract and to include your website in our portfolio.

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